Monday, March 17, 2008

What a Horrible Day!!

Could today get any worse you ask? Well I sure hope the answer is no. Today started out great which deceived me for sure. I had to take the kids to the gym with me because Danielle is out of town (she watches my kids for me usually.) So I hooked up the xbox to one of the TV's there and they did great. I exercised for two hours straight without a complaint and I didn't have to stop once. After that I had to get my tags renewed on my car so I took the kids inside and was busy filling out the check when I hear screaming and lots of noise. I turn around to find Lexie scaling the couch and the boys going at it on the floor. I was so mad, and mainly embarrassed so we exited and I told the boys as punishment they couldn't play with the boys on our street today. So then after we are home and settled again I find that Lexie has destroyed the cover to one of the videos that belongs to the library. Then I find Gabe in the bathroom and he had gone and peed on the floor. yes folks, not even close to the toilet. Opposite side as a matter of fact. When I asked him why he did it, his response. "I got confused". What??? Like you haven't been peeing in the same place for a couple of years now. So I had to clean that up to only find that the handle on the toilet broke off and that Lexie has been walking around the house with soap all over her hands smelling it. I bought watermelon hand soap and she keeps putting it on her hands and not washing it off. She just walks around with slimy hands touching everything. So at almost three I have to hide the hand soap from her. And the icing on the cake...Corey is in Miami till Wednesday night soaking up the sun and 80 degree weather. Fair you say...hmm I think not.

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