Monday, March 10, 2008

Easter Egg Fun

Logan proud of his egg
Lexie showing her stuff
Gabe proud of his egg

Getting excited to dye eggs

Corey got a little hungry

Just being the welcoming hostess
We decided to dye Easter eggs for FHE. Easter has sure snuck up on mom this year. I didn't realize how close it was. The kids loved doing this. They thought it was so neat to turn the eggs colors and then stick eyes and mouths on them. They did a really good job, and after all of that they wanted to keep their eggs in their bedrooms. I had to explain to them this would not be a great idea, so we stored them in our fridge for later. I love a good hard boiled egg so I should be set for at least couple of weeks.

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melissa said...

How cute! I am excited to do easter eggs this year. I totally didn't realize how soon easter would be here either!