Friday, March 21, 2008

Jumping on our new tramp

Gabe getting some air
Close up
Aww aren't they cute
Boy what a good shot huh?
Logan and mom

Logan doing a trick
Lexie just happy to be on two feet

A couple of weeks ago now, there was a brother in our ward who wanted to give away his old trampoline. When I first heard I told Corey it was probably in bad shape. But when he went to go look at it, it was actually in stellar condition. We were both excited to get a trampoline for free, and the kids were just happy to get one. They have been out there everyday now, just jumping away. At least this way they are getting some much needed exercise and time away from the xbox. And for some reason it attracts kids for miles around. I thought tramps were old news, but apparently kids still love them. I even go out and jump a little bit, even though I have peed my pants a couple of times. Having kids sure weakens those muscles. I guess I should catch up on my kegales. Sorry if I spelled that wrong.

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Doug and Marilyn said...

I love the close up of you and your kids. It's adorable. Looks like you guys are having way too much fun! Congrats on surviving the dentist as well. :)