Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ode To George

I am sad to say that we had to get rid of George yesterday. I love dogs and I loved George, but he was destroying our backyard and the kids couldn't go out and play due to all the mud and no grass. We were going to buy a dog run, but they are really expensive and the costs were getting way too high. I should have realized that right now in our lives is not the time to get a dog, but I just really wanted one. I am going to miss him, he was a great companion for me and I really did love him. So now we have to concentrate on fixing our backyard which is in shambles. After this, I think I am done with dogs because I just can't take all the heartache that comes with them. So this is for George.


Sally said...

I'm sorry that you had to get rid of George. Although, Samm will be happy now that she can come over without asking me "is George going to be outside?"

Walling Family said...

How sad! But you have to think of your kids and you sanity to let them go outside.