Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lexie's Birthday Party

Lexie with her brothers on her birthday
Wow, a princess card from Grandma!!
Lexie has turned three!!! She thinks she is so big now and she actually says such surprising things at times. She had a great birthday at Grandma's house. I don't do a friend birthday till they get into school, but she enjoyed the attention all the same. She got many fun presents. A princess Etch-A-Scetch from Danielle, A battery operated dog from Samm and James, A barbie from Grandma Rollins, some cute summer clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Esquibel and then some bath toys and a Big Wheel from mom and dad. I will have to post pictures of her riding her new bike as soon as we put it together. She is just getting so big on me.

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Doug and Marilyn said...

Looks like you guys are having too much fun with all these birthdays!! You must be exhausted! :) I love the dancing video that was hilarious.