Saturday, March 29, 2008

Logan's Birthday Party

Logan's make shift birthday cake (I messed the first one)
The kids grabbing candy after Spongebob exploded
Pulling strings on Spongebob
Logan eating his cake and loving being six
Happy Birthday Big Blue Eyes!!! Logan has arrived at age six and I could not be more proud. He is already reading and he loves playing with friends. His party was great fun. We had a Spongebob pinata and the presents were great. Thanks to all his friends who came. The cake was not bad either I might add. I was looking at him today and could not believe that he is six already. I can still see him crawling down the hall of our little apartment in Rexburg. Time is just flying by. Multiply by two and he will be 12. This just makes me realize that I need to enjoy every second of him and love all the days that he is six this year. I love my big Logan, who used to be my little Logan.

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melissa said...

awe how cute! I can not believe Lexi and Avenley are three this year! Time just flies. Your boys have really grown too! It's different seeing them grow in pictures. Cute kids!