Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Surviving The Flood

We have sunshine here in Tulsa, OK finally. The rain started Monday night and kept coming all day yesterday and then into the night again. I have never seen so much rain in my life. It sounded like it was going to come through my roof at times. Our backyard has very poor drainage and I just kept having these visions of a wet house after the backup. But the water has already started to recede, and the sun is out once more. Tomorrow and Friday promise sunshine and in the 70's, so hopefully we will dry out before more rain hits. I am so grateful that we didn't have any damages and that we were all kept safe. Now if we can just get Corey home from Miami, with all the recent flight delays. We are hoping for tonight so we will see how that goes.

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Walling Family said...

wow! We are now getting the rain you guys had, the last total I saw was almost 5 inches in the last 2 days. We have water everywhere. Glad that you survived!