Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Raw Deal

I was talking with my Bishop and his wife at one of our activities and we were talking about whole foods and things of that nature. Sister Castle mentioned that they drive up to Chambersburg PA to buy raw milk from a dairy farmer up there. So everyone knows that your milk goes through processing to remove all the bacteria so you won't get sick. Well, you can buy milk straight from the cow udder like they used to drink it. I asked if I could buy a half gallon and try it. It is really expensive, it was 3.25 for this half gallon so I could not see buying it for the whole family. The cows are grass free range and so they are not penned up and have less risk of getting that bad bacteria on the udders and in the milk.

So she dropped it off yesterday and I was a little scared to try it. You actually have to shake it really well before drinking because the cream rises to the top. Corey and I both gave it a whirl this morning and.....IT IS WONDERFUL. I like whole milk, and this reminds me of it. But it is still so different even from that. I have always wondered what fresh milk from a cow would taste like and we really don't know what we are missing. Now I have to enjoy my last of the half gallon and then go back to the not so yummy stuff. Maybe if we were rich I would start buying it too.

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