Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Bruno....NO

I was at a R.S. meeting and I was telling someone how much I loved Bruno Mars. I was just gushing about how great his songs are and I was so proud of my Bruno. Then one sister mentioned that he got arrested for drug possession. I told her, "not my Bruno, never." But of course as I did a google search I got this lovely headline:

Bruno Mars will plead guilty to cocaine possession

You can click on the headline to read the whole article. But I was so disappointed. What is wrong with our celebrities that they get so out of control. I still love his songs, but I just can't fan crush on him like I used to. Total let down Bruno.

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Seth and Julie said...

I actually knew that when I read your last Bruno post so I just kept it to myself. Sorry you had to find out. Make pretend crushes are so much more fun when we can imagine that the object of our affection is perfect, but alas, nobody is. I have had this happen to my celebrity crushes many times.