Monday, June 24, 2013

You Golf, I'll Hike

I have nothing against golf...I know that my hubby has this obsession with it and that is fine.  I mean I have my own loves but golf is just not in there.  I knew going to this reunion that my hubby would disappear for a good portion of the time with the men to go golfing.  They went almost everyday, until the last couple when Corey realized that his vacation was much better than mine was.  I love my kids, but it was so much work keeping them entertained by myself.  My little brother Beau was sweet and stayed with the women most of the time...of course so did my other brother Josh but that was because he had his gallbladder out just the week before and was not allowed to golf.  So Beau came up with the idea to go for a hike.  Now I had bought a baby backpack for this very purpose.  But guess what i forgot to bring....yep.  I didn't even bring a stroller because I assumed I would have my pack.  My sister had a nice umbrella stroller that she let me try out.  This trial was not a hard one, but was not stroller friendly.  I walked with the group for awhile until the trail got to rocky I thought Danni was going to have seizures.  My sister-in-law Sally and her little one Laila were also tuckered out.  Laila is only 2 and so her little legs were giving out on her.  So we went back early and drove back to the lodge.  Now I didn't want my kids not to have camera opportunities so I let Gabe take my nice expensive camera with him.  I was a little nervous, but when they came back it was still in tip top shape.  Plus I got some pretty hilarious close up's to share as a bonus.
 Ashlynn Thor's little girl.
 Avenley....Beau's girl.  I love this picture of her.
 Gabe I guess thought this cactus was interesting.
 Grandma being such a good sport.
 Oh yeah, did I mention that Hailey was whining as well.  She wanted to come back to the lodge too.
 This is Bailey Stacey's little girl.  She loves bugs and actually held this daddy long leg.  She kept bringing bugs to me all week and I am not a big fan of bugs.
 Danni in between turbulence.
 Logan and Paisley (Beau's other little girl)
Macy, Josh's girl.  She has such a quiet stillness to her that I just adore.  I smiled at her all weekend long.


Anonymous said...

That is a great shot of the spider! All the other kids ran. The hike was a trial for some but I enjoyed Gabe with the camera. I wondered what you would think of some of the pictures.

Seth and Julie said...

I think Danni looks like Macy a little bit. You finally got one that is all Rollins.

Stacey Thompson said...

I love the picture of Mom. I am glad adorable Danni survived the ride and Gabe did an awesome job of taking pictures.