Monday, June 24, 2013

Avenly's Baptism

My brother had a great idea to have his daughter Avenly baptized while we were all together.  He got permission to baptize her in the lake and it was such a memorable experience.  I have been to so many baptism's but to see it with the backdrop of all of God's creations and family it was wonderful.  I love that all the men in my family uphold and honor their Priesthood.  It was awesome.
 Rollins family
 Aren't they the cutest family?
 Proud dad and daughter
 I love this picture...he loves his girls.

 Marching out in the muck.
The place where we baptized her was just down a dirt road from the lodge.  So grandpa gave the grand kids a treat of riding in the back of the truck.  Growing up we did this all the time, but as we all know it is illegal now.  But man did they have fun for just that little bit.  Look at all those cute kids!!  And yes that is Gabe flashing his gang signs again in the background.


Anonymous said...

We could hear their screams at the cabin.

Thor'sblog said...

Man, that picture of Beau hugging Avenly with the lake is an amazing pic.

Seth and Julie said...

What a cool baptism. We always joke that in Utah there are so many baptisms each month that they just go through in an assembly line so it is cool to live out here where each kid gets their own special day but at the lake at a family reunion just beats all. How beautiful!