Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Lexie

Two birthdays in a lucky are we huh? Lexie has gone around all day pronouncing that she is now 5 years old. She is so proud of the fact. I still feel like I am talking to a teenager with her sometimes. Then she will throw a fit and I remember that yes she is only 5. I even send her to the bathroom by herself now, and sometimes I get weird looks from other moms, but I don't care. She is more grown up than most girls two times her age. So why not let her do things that she has no problem with.

Lexie was my first girl. I was so excited to do the whole pink and lace thing. I remember being so upset when the Dr. came into my room the day after she was born and said she was having trouble breathing and was admitted into the NICU. I just assumed she was ok, but that just goes to show when you get anxious and do the early induction it just might not be time yet. She stayed in the NICU for a week and then was sent home on a heart rate monitor. I hated that thing. She had to wear it all day and night for three months. The cord was annoying and you would get more false alarms than anything else. She had Apnea and so the problems continued probably until she was two or so. She has had bronchitis a couple of times along with walking pneumonia. She has been my sickest baby, but you could never tell now. Most of the time she never gets sick.

She is so sassy and loves to dress up. She wants to wear make-up all the time so I just buy her the clear lip gloss which she carries everywhere. Her nails are always done and so is her hair. I even caught her one day in my bedroom trying to put my bra on and then asking me when she would get boobs. Slow down there girl, hopefully not for a long time. We spend all our time together since she is still home and we are actually really good friends. I like that, and I hope that we continue that way as she gets older. I love my Lexie.....she is so beautiful inside and out.

Lexie at 6 months

Lexie at 13 months
Christmas PJ's
What a great helper she is

Already showing that sass
In Baltimore
My little angel
We Love You Alexandria Marie!!!!


Seth and Julie said...

I didn't realize, until now, that her and Alex were the same age. They will even be in the same grade, and have the same name, almost. This is working out too perfectly. She is adorable!

Happy Birthday Lexie!

melissa said...

cute pictures and stories. she sure is cute. Everytime you post about her I just wish her and Avenley could be friends. Happy Birthday Lexie!

Sally said...

Man she has changed so much. In my head she still looks like the picture of her holding the paint roller. Happy big 5!

The Thompson Family said...

Happy Birthday Lexie. You are such a beautiful little girl. Don't grow up too fast. Love you.