Thursday, June 11, 2009

Have I Told You Sally?

I am so ashamed of the fact that I have not blogged in a week and during that week not one picture was taken. My brother was here and we did tons of stuff....but no pictures. I am horrible. But I did walk away this week wanting to tell my sister-in-law Sally how much I appreciate and love her.

Getting to know your in-laws can be very hard. New people, new situations and everyone does things in their own way. Since we moved here and Josh has moved here our families have become really close and I LOVE it. Sally is always willing to help me out and although I took her as shy right at first, she is very easy to talk to now. Today we went antiquing with my mom and my other Sister-in-law and I was glad that Sally didn't get too annoyed with me following her around the store. What can I say the girl knows how to shop and she is great about giving opinions. I wish I had a picture of her to post because she is also one hot mama. I tried at first to keep up with her fashionista skills, but I have come to learn I can appreciate her from afar and still wear my 20 year old clothes that I still have from high school. (Ok, maybe not all since she has convinced me to just throw most of them out.)

So thank you Sally for being such a great sister-in-law and I will be really sad to see you guys go when Josh leaves for his residency.


Anonymous said...

I also truly love that skinny, fashionable girl!!

Sally said...

Kory you are so sweet! I have loved living close to you guys. I'm excited to start on your dress! When do you want to go look at fabric?