Friday, April 25, 2008

While mom's away, Lexie will play

Sorry I do not have a picture to go with this story, but I was not home at the time of the incident and Corey just doesn't think about doing it. To get the whole picture I have to include this little tid-bit. Lexie's door knob broke and we had to get a new one. The old one we turned backwards so that we could lock her in her room at night. (I know harsh right?) So with the new one, Corey insisted that his little angel would stay in her room and didn't need a lock on it. So I reluctantly let him get it. Last night I went and hung out with some girlfriends and this happened while I was gone. Corey was watching TV in his room with door closed. Lexie sneaks out and goes into the bathroom and has a fun old time with the hand soap and water. Corey said he finally heard something and when he went to inspect Lexie was covered in hand soap and water. She decided to wash herself I guess and so Corey ended up having to strip her and give her a quick wash off. I only knew because I found her PJ's and underwear in the tub this morning. So our little angel is actually an escape artist. Back on with the lock is all I got to say.

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