Monday, April 21, 2008

Lexie's Accident

Poor, poor Lexie. On Saturday I was in my bedroom putting the laundry away. I had the door to my bedroom closet open and the sloppy mother that I am left my yoga mat laying sprawled out. Lexie was running from her Dad playing and tripped on my mat and face planted onto the end of the open door. I saw her head snap back and I was actually scared for a couple of seconds until she started crying. The next day she had a major black eye and some bruises. I think I will put my yoga mat some place else from now on.


The Thompson Family said...

Ow! That really looks like it hurts. I am glad you quit your Walmart job. You derserve better than that and you will do awesome at school. Oh, and I just cut my hair last Saturday. I wanted to know what it looked like short. I think it is cute but I miss having hair. Love you.

Lewis Airways said...

Poor baby! That looks painful.