Friday, February 29, 2008

Tiger Cub of the Month

Lexie playing on the cute
Lexie and mom waiting for the assembly
Logan getting his award
I know he looks rough, but he wanted to wear that
Where's Logan?
Mom and Logan afterwards
Gabe sitting still with his class....what did you say?

This morning Logan had his assembly for being picked Tiger Cub of the month. They pick one student every month who is doing well and improving. I was so proud that he got picked. I have noticed that he reads more and more and knows more words than at the beginning of the year. Corey even took half a day off to be there with us. Logan felt so special and we were so proud of him. I know that he looks rough, but he refuses to brush his hair and he always puts holes in his pants because he is so wild. But I have to say I am very lucky to be blessed with good kids who want to learn and who are doing so well in school.


Walling Family said...

Congrats to Logan! Way to go! I hope that Madison wants to learn and excel in school.

Sally said...

Wow, have I been behind on blogging or what. I just had to catch up on your last four. Congrats to Logan, that is so fun for him.
ps. I think Enoch is almost as big as Gabe!

melissa said...

That is exciting! Your kids are cuties! I still remember when I got the student of the month award in 3rd grade. It's so great to be rewarded for working hard!