Thursday, February 7, 2008

President Hinkley

So as I have checked everyone's blog I have seen the overwhelming comments of so many about President Hinkley. Just last Sunday was fast and testimony and I knew I couldn't get up and express what I felt because I would be that weepy woman who can't get her words out. President Hinkley's death has affected me more deeply than I could have imagined. I have cried more in the past week then I have for a long time. The night he died and we got the phone call I cried silent tears into my pillow as I fell asleep. I have such mixed emotions over this. I am happy that he is with his sweet wife and that his pain of having a mortal body is over. But I feel like I have lost my grandfather, and the feelings are so similar. I remember when he came to talk to the students at BYU-I while Corey and I were attending there. I remember how he held his wife's hand as they climbed the steps into the building. I also remember him telling us as he was choked up with tears how much he loved each of us. I have never felt such love from someone who I have not known personally. Then I stop to think about how much my Savior loves me and how much more that love would be. I will continue to take this one step at a time and hopefully the dull ache will turn into understanding and it won't hurt as bad when I sing We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet in church.

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