Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Starting to get warmer

Although 55 degrees is not warm by a long shot, it seems warm after being in the 30's for so long. The sun is shining and I am getting so anxious to get outside and play in shorts and a t-shirt. I know time will go by and it will be here soon, but that doesn't solve my problem this minute now does it!! We will attempt to go ride bikes out front on the driveway, at least until we get George his Kennel this weekend. Then he is not allowed to run free without supervision. He has destroyed our backyard and so I have a lot of clean up to do this spring. I have to fill holes, replant grass and I am actually looking forward to planting a couple of flower beds out front and back. I am getting this urge to garden although I have never actually done it before. So hopefully this year our yard will be something to grin about.

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Real Life Roberts said...

Let me know if I can help you with tips on flower beds. Last year was a great learning experience for us...I'm so excited for the flowers to start re-budding!