Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Natural Bridge Picnic

After Lexie's Baptism we had planned on going to the Natural Bridge for a picnic.  I have posted pictures before of this place and it is my favorite park close to Douglas for us to go.  Of course on the day of the Baptism it was freezing cold.  It was in the 50's but the wind was gusty and chilly.  I begged Lexie to just have it at the church but she really wanted to go.  So we just bucked up and headed out.  We only lasted about 2 hours and then everyone left because it was just too dang chilly to be hanging out and chatting it up.  Corey cooked hot dogs and hamburgers and there is a great little hiking trail that goes up over the rock bridge.  My good friend Bonnie and her family came and we took our own little hike to the top.  I am terrified of heights and the fact that it wasn't even that high was funny to everyone.  But I refused to get too close to the edge.  At least I fooled the camera because it doesn't look like I am scared at all.

 I was standing in this little hole and Bonnie was standing on a higher rock piece.  Makes me look super short.
 Lexie and Ashlynn were always together.  Those girls sure love each other.
I don't know.....rock on Thor.


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love your brother? And Kory you look great and I really mean that.

Stacey Thompson said...

Wish we could have been there. Tell Lexie Congrats for us. I can't believe how big all of your kids are getting. We will have to cure you of the heights thing in June :-)

Thor'sblog said...

WOW Im hot!