Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Oklahoma Christmas

What a great Christmas this year!!! Somehow Corey was able to get two weeks off work so we decided to drive down to OK to spend Christmas with my folks. My littler sister Stacey and her hubby and cute little baby were coming already. So we figured why not add to the madness of Christmas with our crew.

I hate long driving....hate hate hate. I normally avoid it at all cost unless we are moving. This trip is 18 hours and boy does it seem like an eternity. We left Friday around 4pm and drove straight through till we got to my mom's around 10am the next morning. I know the reason I hate driving so much is I can't sleep in the car. I have tried everything and it just can't be done. Plus, I have a deformed bottom that allows my tailbone to stick out and sitting long periods of time really really hurts. Plus, for some reason my legs fall asleep and tingle the whole time. (Don't worry, this is the only bad part I promise I won't complain this whole post).

I thought I should get some nice pictures of us after 18 hours trapped in a car together:

Seems happy enough...doesn't look too shabby.
Me on the other hand...yikes.
The kids were fine, they can sleep anywhere.
While we were there, we got a surprise phone call from Josh's family saying they decided to drive down as well. So we had three families there and it was so much fun. I think this Christmas has taken the cake for me. It was nice compared to Maryland weather so we took a night walk around to see the lights. That wagon was a miracle in itself.

Thought I would bring back some 80's boom boxing for you.
I was upset this turned out blurry.
What Christmas would be complete without a trip to Bass Pro Shops Christmas. Just as a tip if you go during the week in the middle of the day there are no waits for anything. Plus you get a free picture with Santa which I can't post since I don't have a scanner.
Usual response for Hailey when pictures are involved.
That tree was huge.
The kids mesmerized by the fish.
Stopping by the North Pole, notice Gabe is pouting in the background.
We also made our way over to the Rhema lights and I love them. They had them blinking to Christmas music which was my favorite part, that and the pond with the ducks.
The Rollins and Esquibel cousins are back together again.
See....isn't that pretty.
Christmas Eve was a bunch of excited kids running around. They always get to open PJ's from Grandma Rollins and they love it every year. They always look so cute together. And since we didn't have cookies to give Santa this year, Sally stepped in and did some monkey bars instead.
All the kids in their PJ's
Hailey in hers
Gabe with his too cool for you pose. All his idea.
Logan doing a gun pose of course.
All the presents after Santa came....we had to extend to the front door. I really have never seen so many gifts under one tree. It took us all morning to open them.
Logan digging in his stocking
Hailey and Bailey opening gifts....
Mom LOVED playing Santa this year. She was in heaven.
There is Stacey and Jason early for them. Still on California time. Sorry guys.
Gifts gifts...I think Stacey and I look alike here.
I wish I would have taken more pictures....I do that a lot. But we loved all two weeks and I loved being with my mom again day after day. It was hard to leave again. And it was really hard to want to ride in the car for another 18 hours. But we made it home safe and sound and we are trying to get back into the idea of our regular lives. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year.


Seth and Julie said...

I can't believe you guys drove straight through. WOW! But I guess that gave you more time with family. How awesome that Josh and Stacey's families made it as well. I bet that was better than anything under the tree.

The Thompson Family said...

We had such a great time seeing you guys. I think we look alike too. We love and miss you and can't wait to see you again.