Friday, August 31, 2012

Portland Post 2

Is anyone else having uploading issues with blogger?  I swear I get frustrated every time I try to post something.  I am this close to throwing in the towel for awhile.  I finally got some more pictures posted from Portland.  Not nearly as much as I wanted but some of my favorites.  On one nice afternoon I snuck outside with Hailey.  The other kids were engrossed in yet another game of Sorry and I just couldn't play one more time.  There was this hammock there and Hailey and I got in and just hung out.  I thought the baby would enjoy a picture moment. 

 I took this picture as well.  I just love her hair and those eyes.  She is so much fun to photograph.
The fishing was not what Corey was hoping for.  Some years they just meet their limit after just a couple of hours.  But Portland was hit with a heat wave and messed up the schedule of the salmon.  So Corey fished Monday and Tuesday all day with no luck.  He was getting so upset about it.  Finally on Wednesday he came home with his catch for the day.  He caught a 12 pounder and then right before they came in he reeled in a 30 pounder.  He was so proud of it.  I have to admit it was a huge fish.  I can just imagine how fun it was to bring that in.  I have since tried some of it and it is so good.  And I normally hate fish, but I ate the whole fillet when I cooked it.

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melissa said...

Oh, somehow I missed your Portland posts! Yes, blogger is being a huge pain lately!

Cute pictures, cute belly! Portland does look beautiful!