Friday, August 17, 2012

16 Weeks

 At first I was not going to blog about my monthly check-ups.  But as I went back and looked at my pregnancy with Hailey on my blog it was fun to read about my progress and my check-ups.  So if anything I wanted to do this for my own record and memory.

I am sure everyone knows how sick I have been with this one.  I still take my meds on occasion when my stomach will not cooperate with me.  It is getting less so I am hoping that it will stop completely soon.  I was one pound away from what I was my first pregnancy appointment.  So I have come full circle as my nurse said.  I am finally able to eat some food and I am sure it was a sigh of relief for my Dr.  It still sounds insane to me that I haven't gained any weight scale wise, but my pants are almost unwearable now.  Good thing I have lots of rubber bands to keep them done up.  I have maternity jeans but I refuse to buy shorts when summer is almost over.  So I will just do the band until it cools off a bit.  Which will probably be next month since we are in Wyoming.

Baby sounded great.  The nurse warned me she had a hard time finding heartbeats at 16 week appointments so when she couldn't find it I wasn't too worried.  My Dr. came right in and found it in 3 seconds.  It sounded great and we could hear him/her moving around in there.  It is always such a relief to hear that steady heartbeat and know that things are doing ok.  My round ligament pain has been pretty bad with this one when I roll over or move certain ways.  My Dr. said it was because I run and exercise and it can stress those ligaments just like any other when you do exercise.  I thought a support maternity belt would help but he said at this stage it wouldn't matter.  He said I would need it later when my belly got heavier and I needed help holding it up.  He said there is no risk to baby, just discomfort to me when running.  So he said I could keep running if I want.  Which I will, because I honestly feel better afterwards then when I take a day off.

The best part is I have my date for my ultrasound.  September 13th is the big day.  I am really nervous about this baby.  More so then any of my others, even my first.  I am just feeling so out of my element and going back just terrifies me.  I still feel this is a boy, but I will not be upset if it ends up being a girl.  Either way I know the Lord has special plans for this little spirit and it won't matter what gender it is.  Maybe that is also why I feel more terrified then ever.  I already feel the stress of raising this child and it isn't even born yet.  I just feel so blessed that my body is strong and things are going so well.  Now if I can just kick all the nausea completely I would be one happy pregnant lady.


Anonymous said...

You inspire me on so many levels! I love this - make journaling fun and involves the ones you love <3

Melissa said...

Glad everything is going well. I know what you mean about feeling out of your element. I'm nervous about going back to the baby stage and raising another kid. I don't know if I will remember what to do with a baby lol.

I'm getting boy vibes :-)

Sally said...

I'm glad your finaly starting to feel better! Can't wait to find out what your having!