Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Xbox Party and Super Bee

 I realize this might cause some confusion.  After all, didn't we already have a Gabe birthday post?  Yes we did, but every other year I do a birthday party for the kids and since Gabe has his birthday in the summer I thought it would be better to wait till the school year started.  He was a trooper and I think he enjoyed the fact he got to celebrate twice.  Gabe likes to feel important and feel like he is in charge.  I was so happy when he wanted a small Xbox party at home.  It was such an easy party.  Probably the easiest one I have every done.  Since it was small and at home we ordered pizza for everyone.  Gabber loves his pizza especially his sausage.

I looked online how to make an Xbox cake, and although there were millions of ideas I knew I wouldn't do it justice.  I looked on our local Craigslist and found a lady who did cakes.  After what I said he wanted (shape of an Xbox controller with marble cake and Bavarian cream filling) I got the total.  I was shocked that it would cost 50 bucks but I went for it to just see how well it would turn out.  Can I say I was very impressed.  The cake was so cool and the best part was it tasted as good as it looked.  This cake was a monster and there is only about 2 pieces left and usually I have to throw cake away after about a week.

 Can you sense his excitement here? 
Corey has a huge TV (72 inches) and so he also brought up our 42" and borrowed an Xbox.  I don't know the specifics but you can sync the two together to play more than four.  This was a big hit.  They played the whole time and I didn't have to do anything except referee on occasion.

I got a call last night from Lexie's teacher telling me she was chosen for the Super Bee award at school.  This award is for good behavior and listening.  I was so proud of her.  She was so proud of herself and I was just so happy that I stay at home so I could go and be there for her.  I think there is nothing better than being there for your kids for everything that they do.  It makes them feel special and that it really was a big accomplishment.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the gym teacher in tights and a bee costume.  It was pretty scary and funny at the same time.  He rode a 3 wheel bike around the gym and juggled at the same time.  Very interesting.

Isn't she just the cutest bee ever?


Seth and Julie said...

That cake looks great! I think $50 is actually a great price because when I attempt to decorate a cake it takes hours and costs a lot to buy all the junk for it and then I never even get the awesome cake that I have in my mind so I may have to follow your lead and look on Craigslist next time. Looks like Gabe had a great time and congrats to Lexie too...I also wish you had a pic of the gym teacher riding a trike in costume. How funny!

Sally said...

That is a great idea for a party! I might have to suggest it to James for next year. And the cake really is amazing!

Anonymous said...

The cake was pretty amazing. I was impressed.