Friday, February 10, 2012

Hobby Hunter

I find myself buzzing around like a bee, trying to find my niche in life.  Well I realize that I can be a great mom, wife and still have time for some hobbies.  But I don't have any hobbies really besides running.  Then I thought I haven't used my food blog in so long I might as well revamp and give it a makeover.  So I did, and now I am going to try different hobbies and make a journal of my progress and how it works out.  I am sure there will be some I love, some I hate and some that will be just ok.  I get tired of not having that crafty part that every other female seems to have.  I don't have any posts right now, but I plan on prepping for my first entry soon.  So stay tuned and keep checking to see how it is going.  You can find the link to my page on my sidebar or HERE.


Seth and Julie said...

That sounds like fun Kory. I will have to add it to my blog list so I can read along.

Anonymous said...

Keep searching, your find your thing!! I love you. Wish you were here and we could find it together.

Sally said...

I don't think you should be so hard on yourself for not being crafty. Some people just don't like crafts and that's totally fine. I don't like running, cooking, or cleaning and you are awesome at all three of those things.

ps. would you ever be interested in doing a guest post/series about health and fitness on the blog I do with my sister?