Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You So Ugli

I am all about trying new fruit or vegetables.  I was in the produce section this past week and saw this display with these ugly fruits on them.  I really didn't know that they were called Ugli fruits.  I wasn't going to buy it.  It basically looks like a rotted piece of fruit someone left on the ground.  But the produce lady was there and she assured me that they were delicious.  So I bought one (1.99) and took it home.  It has sat on my counter for about a week.  I subconsciously just couldn't peel it and eat it.  I mean, look at this thing.  So finally this morning I got up to make breakfast for Corey and I peeled it.  Corey and I were so surprised.  This thing is awesome.  I think the lady said it was a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit.  It was so juicy it was flying everywhere.  I loved it.  The only downfall is the huge seeds like an orange and the sections do have tough skin on the outside.  You could sit and chew them I guess, but I opted to take the skin off and just eat the inside.  You should really try it....... yummy good.


Seth and Julie said...

You are on a blogging roll. Definitely wouldn't guess something yummy was in that shell. You could use that for an FHE about how beauty comes from within. Ha,ha!

Also, I used to hate fish until we started eating it fresh out of the lake and I learned that it is not fishy at all if it is fresh. If it is fishy it is rotting (nasty!) so if I have to buy it at the store I ask them to let me smell it first. Sounds crazy but they will let you and then you know you are getting fresh stuff.

And the green shake...I always put spinach in smoothies because I truly hate veggies and that is one way I can trick myself in to eating them.

Sounds like you are having fun with the new diet.

Sarah said...

Those look like something we have growing on our lemon tree in the backyard. Someone must have grafted a branch from another kind of tree in with the lemons, because right in the middle of the tree grew these gigantic, mutant looking things! I've cut some open and the skin is SUPER thick- like 1.5" before you get to the flesh. It tastes kinda like a grapefruit or lemon but sweeter. They're about as big as my kids' heads, too! Think they're the same thing?

Kory Jane said...

maybe....if so you have a steal. You could get them for free instead of 2 bucks a piece. I would start selling those babies at a farmers market. I thought they were so good.