Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book Review

It was my turn in our book club to choose a book. We have not had a biography yet so everyone seemed good with that suggestion. But where to start? There is an endless array of biographies and memoirs out there. But as I was searching I just kept getting pulled back to this book. A Holocaust survivor from the Ukraine hid all her journals and documents until she finally told her husband of 50 years that she was a Holocaust survivor. She took years to translate her journal into English and then made her husband promise he would not publish it until after her death.

I just had to keep telling myself through out this whole book that it was a journal and not a fiction. She started writing around 9 years of age and her wording and descriptions were amazing. I can't believe that she endured all that she did and was able to make the rest of her life such a wonderful one. I am excited for us to discuss this book, and I would recommend it for a great read.

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