Wednesday, December 12, 2012

32 weeks

I have not posted in such a long time I feel a little guilty.  If my days were hectic and I just couldn't find the time then I would understand.  But that is not the case.  I have loads of time, which of most I spend sleeping on the couch or baking.  Nothing really exciting to blog about.  The kids are so busy this coming week and the next with Christmas parties, plays and concerts I feel like the evenings are never going to calm down.  And to top it off my boys want to do wrestling this year.....what???  Since when do they like that?  Oh well, I told them as long as we didn't have to travel 4 hours for a match we could look into it.  Living in WY has its perks but also its setbacks like having to travel for all sports.
So I am finally in the home stretch of this pregnancy.  I am going every two weeks now and baby seems to be doing fine.  I was a little shocked at this last appointment that I had gained weight but my belly was measuring two weeks behind.  So that tells me that the weight must not be  I asked if this was cause for concern and they assured me it was not.  That all babies grow at different rates and that I looked just fine.  I over worry as it is I don't need to add on top of that.  I still walk for an hour 3 times a week and then do crossfit on the off 3 days.  I am getting slower and things are getting harder to do, but I am happy that I can at least get out there and do something.  My Dr. is still pretty sure that my delivery should go quickly and I am just going to agree with him and hope for that too....
 Belly shot at 32 weeks, plus a little turd in the background.
It seems every time I get pregnant I get to this stage and just feel extra frumpy.  It is not fun to go clothes shopping because you just look round and weird in everything you put on.  One time I cut my hair super short and then regretted it.  I learned my lesson this time.  But I did have my friend here Jaelynn color my hair which I actually really like the darker color.  I do have some layers in there too and my hair was in desperate need of a trim anyways.

In my house cookies go super fast.  I make a batch and then after at the most 3 days they are gone.  I have making cookies down to an art form that I am pretty sure no one else can master.  They taste so dang good I have a hard time just having one cookie fresh out of the oven, it often turns into one every batch out of the oven.  And my little shadow (I kid you not she follows me everywhere) is always wanting to help me.  So she sits on the counter and basically just gets into trouble.  But she is such a cutie and says the funniest things that I secretly don't mind that I can't even wash myself in the shower without help (this also gets really interesting).  I am nervous she will have the hardest time adjusting to baby when she comes.  I am hoping it will be smooth though.
 She did this face all on her own...I love it.
Can't you just sense the oozing cuteness?  Maybe that is the secret ingredient in my cookies!!


melissa said...

You look great and you do have a very cute little shadow!

Seth and Julie said...

Love the dark hair and your cute belly and striped socks! Also, you will have to share your cookie recipe. I am a cookie freak and have about a dozen go to recipes that I have perfected but I am always game to try a new one, especially from anyone who has their recipe mastered. Dang you have me wanting cookies right this minute.

Anonymous said...

Not long now Kory Jane!!! You look great, I'm okay with the hair. You would look beautiful no matter the color - even old lady pink. (which when I'm 80 I am going to give a try and also wear leopard print)