Saturday, November 17, 2012

Then and Now

Today I decided to finally organize my file cabinet.  I have to say I have been putting it off and just throwing my papers down in a huge pile.  But I needed to look for something and decided today was the day.  I hardly ever look in the kids files unless I need an important document but for some reason today I just flipped through and found their newborn pictures from the hospital.  I never actually bought any....just because they want to charge new parents a fortune, but I kept the proofs.  I just started missing my kids as babies.  Now that Hailey is getting older I no longer have a baby/toddler.  I thought I would show you the then and now's of my kids.  It was so much fun for me.
First off is the hospital in Phoenix did not take a newborn picture of him.  Or if they did I didn't get to take home a proof.  I do have newborn pictures in an album packed away in a mountain of boxes.  So this is the earliest I could find in his actual file.  He is 18 months in this picture so not a newborn but oh so chubby and cute.
I know he will hate me one day for these angel pictures.  I thought they were a great idea at the time.
 Logan now...too cool for a picture.
Gabber is next.  I swear when he was born he looked like a little old man instead of a baby.  He was such an ornery baby, and nothing much has changed in these past 9 years.

 Gabe was just too busy with his computer game to give me a real smile.  So this is what I got....we both got a good laugh after I uploaded.
Lexie was my first girl, and I was so excited to have her.  She was my NICU baby and although she was full term and not as sick as most of the babies in there it still rattled me.  Nothing is wrong with her now, and I had such a great time dressing her up. 
Isn't she gorgeous?  She can be so loving and tries so hard to help out. 
Oh Hailey, she was such a chubby cheeks from the start.  I think her face gets the award for the fattest.  She was by far the fastest birth for me and the easiest.  She has brought so much fun into our family. 
She really is funny, I laugh all day at what she says and it makes perfect sense.  I just can't believe she is getting old enough to have these grown up conversations with me.
 Gabe HAD to take a picture so we did a girl picture.  Me with all my girls including Danni.
As I was looking at all these pictures it made me realize just how happy I am to have another one.  It has taken me almost 30 weeks to realize that.  I wasn't sure how I was feeling about another baby, but once again I think it was a great way for Heavenly Father to help me feel that love with your baby.  We are so excited to have another person to add to our love.


Seth and Julie said...

Oh fun! I love new babies. A friend brought a two week old baby over today and I get so baby hungry when I see a newborn but never, ever when I see a baby 2 months and beyond. If only they stayed brand new I would have had a million of them. Your kids are all so cute and I love those cheeks on Hailey. I wonder if Danni will look just like her sisters? Cute picture of you with your girls, too.

melissa said...

So cute! I'm dying to see what the new little ones will look like. Your kids have alot of similarities, mine look nothing alike!

Stacey Thompson said...

Awe we are so excited for you. There is nothing like a precious sweet baby. Especially when they are yours. Love you

Anonymous said...

I love the picture with your girls. It is so cute and you look amazing Kory Jane.

Sally said...

So fun! I had completely forgotten what Lexie looked like as a baby.