Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend we decided a trip to the temple was in order.  It has been awhile for Corey and I, and now that we live 4 hours from the closest temple it makes it extra hard to go.  We had originally planned to leave early Saturday morning and do it all in one day.  But Friday afternoon I get a call from Corey asking me to get a room.  Driving all those hours and doing a session in one day could be a little much for a tired husband.  We met up with our friends the Perry's to do a session on Saturday morning.  We were so blessed to be able to complete 4 names for Corey's side of the family.  It was a great feeling to get some of our own genealogy done.  The weather was perfect, and so we went a little early to get some pictures by the temple. 

Thanks to my sister in law Tiffany for watching the kids for us so we could go.  She lives close by and it really made all the difference for us.  Our official temple is the Montana temple, but it is also 4 hours away.  In a couple of months we want to make a trip up there to do a session.  Here are the beautiful pictures we got.

 The whole crew with the trees in bloom.
 I should really treasure this one, Lexie and Gabe together without fighting.
 I love his smile, so photogenic
 I love to see the Temple, I'm going there someday.

 This was our first attempt at a family picture, notice all the squinting.

I love this one....

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Anonymous said...

You are getting very good with the camera Kory Jane. I love All the pics, keep them coming.