Monday, January 30, 2012


Miles....yes I finally got my dog.  Corey is none to thrilled about it.  He has two rules with the dog.  He can't go in our bedroom at anytime and that during dinner he must sit in his kennel and wait.  I thought both these rules were fine with me.  I have to share how I found him. 

So we went first to the SPCA here in Douglas and they only had about 6 dogs to choose from.  The only one I liked was a pit bull named Firetruck.  He really was such a sweetie and he loved the kids.  But Corey just was not comfortable with a pit bull seeing as he was attacked by one as a kid and had to jump on top of a car to get away from it.  So I turned my sights to the SPCA in Casper which is so much larger.  They had about 40 dogs to choose from.  We went in and I told the guy I was a big fan of gentle giants.  I wanted a large dog that wasn't going to knock down Hailey and get really crazy.  So I mentioned no labs.  If you remember George he was crazy and I don't think Corey could handle another George.

So he brings out this Husky mix and after watching her for 5 minutes as she basically jumped from chair to chair and then tried to jump on the table I told him that it was way too much energy for me.  Plus he said since she was part Husky she would basically pull me as I was running.  So why did he even bring this dog out?  He swears after awhile she settled down but who was to say what a little while was.

So next he brings in this Great Pyrenees.  These dogs are giants and this one barely made it in the room before he flopped on the ground and didn't get up.  We all sat on the ground and patted him.  He would sometimes lift a paw to put on your leg but he basically didn't move.  I then asked if he would be able to run with me.  He assured me he could, but I didn't think so.  Then I asked how old he was, he replied 9 years.  So basically a senior dog that maybe had 2 or 3 good years left.  He was sweet but I didn't want a dog that old or lethargic either.  So he took "Sparky" back.

I asked if he by chance had a dog that was about a year old.  He said he did have a lab mix but since I said I didn't want a lab he didn't think about him.  I asked to see him anyways.  So they brought out "Rex" and he was so cute and fluffy.  He was so calm and would just sit on your foot and let you pet him.  He didn't like Hailey too much, but I don't think any dog likes to have a 2 year old all in it's face the whole time.  I loved him instantly.  So I filled out the application and we had to go home and wait.

We went on Saturday and so we waited until Thursday to go pick him up.  He was so scared.  He even growled at Hailey a little bit and I was thinking great my instincts were off and I will have to give him back for being aggressive.  He wouldn't get in the car, so I brought the kennel and they put him in that then loaded him in my car.  I was having so many second thoughts by the time I got home.  Got him inside and I was a little scared of him at first.  You never know who your dog is going to turn out to be.  But can I just say after one day he turned into the biggest lovable baby ever.  He has so many great traits that I will just have to list them:

1. He hasn't barked yet, I don't even know if he knows how to.  Even when he sees other dogs nothing comes out of his mouth.  It has been wonderful.

2. He is not hyper at all.  He will just sit and lay down all day long while inside.

3. He never jumps on anyone, and he loves people and dogs.

4. He is very submissive to me and he has never had an accident in the house.  He even pees on command now when I say pee-pee.

5. He loves me, and I know this by the way he will follow me around all day long and even sit on my feet and make me pet his belly.

For awhile there I thought he would never play.  He doesn't like toys.  I got him some and tried to throw them and nope, no interest.  But a couple of nights ago after he used the bathroom I started rough housing with him and he loves it.  He will run like crazy around the house and then jump on the porch in one swoop and attack my feet like a cat does.  I am laughing so hard it is hard for me to concentrate.  And when I want him to calm down all I do is tell him to sit and he turns back into my cuddle bug.

That is the other thing, he knows how to sit, give me paw and the best is stay.  And when we eat meals he will go and lay down on his blanket and wait for us to get done.  He goes in his kennel at night and never complains.  I just feel like I picked the best dog ever.

Today I took him to the groomer to get him cleaned up.  He was pretty dirty from the SPCA and he was a little stinky.  When I went to pick him up he looked so fluffy and smelt so good.  Plus his fur now feels like those soft teddy bears you buy.  He looks even more handsome.

And as a last note...what kind of dog is he?  Well that is all speculation.  I have different remarks from everyone he has been to.  The SPCA said he was part lab part Akita.  The Vet said she saw lab and German Shepherd.  And the groomer said he didn't see any lab at all.  He swears he is German Shepherd and chow mix because of his fluff and head shape.  I really don't care what he is, all I know is he is mine and amazing.

In his kennel happy as can be.
 Out of all the kids he loves Logan the best.
 What a handsome boy his is.
 When I am in the kitchen cooking this is what he does.  He just lays there and watches me.  Never begs or gets under my feet.
 He loves to snuggle and get his belly rubbed.
 He will paw you if you stop petting him.
And for some reason he thinks he is a small lap dog.  I don't know how many times he has tried to sit in my lap.


Seth and Julie said...

You look so happy with your new baby! I hope you are singing Corey's praises day and night. Since I am not a dog lover I know that that was a huge sacrifice. Sounds like you lucked out and found a great dog though.

The Thompson Family said...

I am so glad you got the perfect dog for your family. He is a cutie. He definitely looks like he has some lab in him to me.