Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Giver

I don't know why I have never read this book.  You would think since it won the Newbery award I would have read it at some point in school at least.  And if you have spoke to me about books and book club reading YA books that won the Newbery have not been my favorite ones.  But I was actually surprised on how this book kept my attention.  I never felt like I was forcing myself to finish and the fact that it is a short book also helps.

It felt a little sci-fi to me, and I normally don't go for those.  But it actually had a great ending.  As I was nearing the end I was getting  a little alarmed because I saw only 2 more pages and where the characters were at was not really comfortable to me.  I like the ending the best.  One of those endings that are uncertain and mean different things to different people.  I felt that they both met the bad or pessimistic ending.  I read up on the reviews and I agree with the sad ending.  That is what I thought before I even did the research.  But I guess you could also switch it to the happy one as well.  For me it just holds so much more meaning and sacrifice for the not so pleasant one. 

I feel that people do that every day.  We deal with the not so great things and experience the bad so we know the good.  This book felt a little like what Satan would have our lives be like if he would have won that argument in the pre-existence.  No choice and everything with strict rules.  They call it sameness.  But we don't live like that and so we all have choices.  And those choices make our lives unpredictable yes, but also so wonderful at the same time.  If you haven't read it yet, you really should.  I love a book that actually gets my brain a thinking.  I really should have picked this book for book club back in Maryland when we were doing the Newbery's.  Oh well, at least I got it in.  Happy reading everyone.

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Seth and Julie said...

I just read that recently and my little sister said it was required reading in Jr. High but it didn't come out until I was in college so I missed studying it in school.

I made my mom and sister read it as well so we could discuss it. We talked about several ending theories and I actually had a more postive spin on it. Now I am going to read the other two books in the trilogy because I have been told that Jonas and Gabriel appear again in book three, Messenger, which would mean that the sad ending is not possible. I will have to read more and see...?

Seriously good book though, no matter how you interpret it.