Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Could I possibly say how much I love fall enough? What is not to like about it. The changing colors of the leaves, all the wonderful holidays, and the brisk air that just seems to smell that much better. I am kinda bummed to not be around my family this year. We had some really great traditions going on, but I know I can keep up with them and we can still have a great time in our own little family. We went with the ladies from my church to Reynolds Farm Pumpkin Patch. It was great!! For four bucks a person we got to ride out into the pumpkin patch and pick whatever pumpkin we wanted. Lexie went right for the green one, but I went with the traditional orange.

Ever since we have been here, poor Lexie has felt picked on because she couldn't go to school and the boys seem to do all these fun and exciting things at school. Well today was her day, and did we make a day of it. Her sense of fashion is somewhat crazy, but I chalk it up to iCarly...thanks Nick.

After we got back, they had this really cool playground there. Lots of stuff for the kids to do. Of course there were kids by the bus load there from the schools, so it was jammed packed, but we still had tons of fun. Lexie loved this slide. How creative can you get? Made it to look like a Caterpillar. She stood in line the most for this one.

The farm was located on a pretty big hill surrounded by trees which were changing colors. I just sat there and was in a trance with how beautiful it was. There was just a bunch of farms, and the houses were really old. It made me feel like I had traveled back in time. This picture really doesn't do it justice. I really need a nice camera. Oh but never mind we had to spend that 600 bucks on registering the car.

It really was so much fun, I am excited that we have lots of things going on for the next couple of weeks. It keeps me busy and it also gives me great opportunities with the camera.

Life really is good.


Seth and Julie said...

Cute stuff! I LOVE Fall more than I should admit too. Everything about it is just so cozy and comforting. I love the green pumpkin too...nice choice Lexie.

Sally said...

Love Lexie's outfit. Josh just told me you guys aren't comming for Christmas anymore and I am so bummed. I haven't told Samm yet because I'm sure she is going to throw a fit!

britta said...

Good job making the most of living away from your family. It really is hard around the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Wow does Corey ever have a mini-me with Hailey!!! She looks just like him. Not much hair on her head - just like Corey (jk). Sure miss you guys and I am thinking that Black Friday will be black for me!!