Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Mom trying to get Lexie dressed on Christmas

All of her majesty's toys

Lexie's Christmas dress Grandma bought

Lexie playing with tea set from Grandma

Logan and all his toys this year

The kids holding Hilti trucks in their stockings (hmm I wonder where those came from!!)

Me with George

My jeans and earrings from Stacey

Mary Kay from Alisha!!

Lexie posing with her new kitchen

Gabe on his new bike

Grandma bought Gabe Elefun which he wanted most

Gabe and all his presents

George eating his present from Santa

Hanging out on Christmas morning

Merry Christmas everyone!! We had such a great Christmas this year. We were truly blessed. The kids woke up around 5:30am so we got up with them to come open presents. They are just so cute and excited you can't help but want to get up with them. Lexie got sick on Sunday and we were trying to deal with fever and sore throat and of course her lung problems which made it bad for her. But we drugged her up and she seemed to do just fine. Logan got his skateboard and of course protection so he won't hurt himself while learning. They got lots of books and video games. Gabe got a bike and then a nice t-ball set that actually launches the ball for you. So he should have fun with that this summer. He got books and video games as well. So they are both very happy. Lexie got her kitchen and tons and tons of play food and grocery cart and cash register. She has been playing none stop since Christmas morning. She got some really cute books and movies from Grandma Esquibel as well. The kids got lots of board games that they love to play. So we will not be bored in the Esquibel home for at least a couple of months. I got some cute jeans and earrings from my sister. I got some great Mary Kay face stuff from my Mother-in-law and Corey got me this beautiful silver and diamond bracelet. He has gotten much better with his present picking as of late. My mom and dad sent us cute letters with our pretend tickets to Cancun this summer. Since they are buying they are counting that as our Christmas...which we are most happy for. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and I can't wait to see every one's pictures. Have a safe New Year!!


melissa said...
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melissa said...

Kory, I have no clue how to add you to my list.. Did you guys have fun putting that kitchen set together? I can't believe how many pieces it had!!

Doug and Marilyn said...

Looks like you all had a great christmas. Your kids made out pretty good with all their presents! You have such an adorable family! :)