Friday, April 15, 2011

Terrible Thursdays

I have tried so hard to take pictures of our out and abouts. I honestly have the best intentions, I have the camera all fired up. But this is the only pictures I get....

Yep, all eyes have to be on this little stinker at all times. I swear I am so worn out anytime I go anywhere with her. Corey just laughs when I tell him, but sometimes I am tempted to sell her. Thursdays are my busy days. It seems all the kids extra activities fall on this dreaded day. So I always have to give myself a pep talk before I even walk out the door. Watching a Glee episode usually does the trick for me. (Have I mentioned that I started watching it and love it).

I had to do grocery shopping that morning, and Hailey hates the cart. When she sees me preparing to sit her in the seat she will go stick straight so I can't get her in. I am sure it looks hilarious to everyone else, but I am pretty stubborn too so we spend at least five minutes just getting her seated. The trick is bribery. Once seated if I don't produce the candy then she will scream and blow her horn so loud the whole time. Most kids give up, not Hailey. I have gone the whole 30 minute shopping trip with her belting out and me getting child abuse stares. So I gave her a bag of Reese's Pieces to keep her entertained. It worked until about half way through in which case she decides that shaking the bag is more fun and shakes candy all over the store. I tried to pick up most of it, but there were Reese's everywhere. Once I get to the line to check out, she wants to help unload the cart. This involves squeezing everything and smashing the boxes. It looks like a war zone by the time I am done. And why do they have to put the cart aisles so narrow. With that candy bar section so close it is like a free for all and a wrestling match all in one. I have never seen her move so fast. And it isn't even lunch yet.

The boys are in baseball and on the same team this year. They look so cute in their little uniforms and I love watching them play. Which I never actually get to do. But they had practice before the game at 5pm and then Lexie has gymnastics from 6-7 and then the boys game ends around 7:30 or 8 depending on how the game goes. I was driving all over the place. I tried to get pictures of Lexie doing all her cute tumbling, but yep my attention was arrested on my 2 year old who will not sit still. Who likes to slide down stairs and then run out into the parking lot. She likes to take her goldfish and throw them all over the place and then step on them because they crumble into these fun little pieces. When we make back to the game she likes to run into the irrigation ditch and play in the mud. And when I chase and run after her she runs just as fast. When I try to carry her back she is kicking and screaming and I look like a horrible mother once again. I have to go on the outfield fence in purgatory just so she can't get into any trouble. So yep, no cute pictures of my boys playing ball. You think I am exaggerating, but I am not. I need a break.....Cancun anyone.


Seth and Julie said...

I feel your pain. I had one of those a year ago, and I will tell you that she has gotten so much better at 3, although she did steal a dress from Gymboree yesterday, which I had to hand my head in shame and take back.

Anonymous said...

Count me in for Cancun!! I tell you it is that Mexican blood that makes her like that!

I just wanted you to know that the word verification for me was "pusshole" No joke!!!

The Thompson Family said...

Just look at the bright side. At least she keeps you in shape, physically and mentally.:-)