Wednesday, November 3, 2010


As I was reading my blog I realized that I forgot to update some news that I had blogged about before. Talk about leaving everyone hanging forever.

First item of business is that I got my ring back. It was a miracle in itself. The very next day Marshall's called and said a lady had found it in a shoe box as she was trying on a pair of shoes. I was so relieved. Corey made me take it in the next day to get it sized. It was a size 5 and we are getting it a size 4. It will be nice to have my ring snug and not have it wiggling all over the place.

The next thing was this whole medical episode that I went through. The ER visit the consecutive specialist visits and test. Blah blah blah, I was so sick of getting my blood drawn. They did another in depth ultrasound of my liver and it came back normal. So I am left with Gilbert's Syndrome which is what they thought it might have been before. You can read more here. So basically I just have a yellowish tint to my skin thanks to this and the fact that I can't over stress my body. Looks like I am stuck doing only half marathons, but I am ok with that.

And the last thing is that we are going down to Tulsa to my parents house for Christmas!!! I am so excited. I miss home and my parents and I can't wait to spend some quality time with them. My sister is also coming with her hubby and cute new baby as well. It should be a grand holiday season with lots of treats and memories. Now I just have to survive the 18 hour drive down. Should be easy enough right?


The Bringhurst Bunch! said...

I am glad you are okay! I have been wondering what you found out! Yea for Christmas with the fam (even if you are yellow right!!!!) Ha ha! I love you no matter what color you are!!!

Anonymous said...

Better yellow than purple!!!

Sally said...

So glad you found your ring! I really wish we were going to see you guys at Christmas!

The Thompson Family said...

Thanks for the updates. I was actually wondering about your ring and how the tests went. We are so excited to see you for Christmas! I am anxious for you to meet Bailey. Love you!