Saturday, October 27, 2007

Host a Murder Party

Who did it? That is the question we all had to ask. My sister Stacey and her husband Jason came to visit us this weekend. They put together this Host a Murder Party and of course we all had our parts to play. It was really fun and dressing up wasn't bad either. We were keeping it in the Halloween spirit. I got to be a cowgirl gun slinger and it was fun. Corey was an indian so it worked great. Although in the picture he looks more like a thug than an Indian. But when it came down to it, my sister-in-law Sally turned out to be the murderer!! Thanks to Stacey for a great time.


Tiffany Esquibel said...

That looks like fun!! Maybe I need to do one of those!! I'm glad that you were finally able to post some new pictures of you guys!! You look so cute!!

The Green's said...

Those parties are a blast. That is awesome you were together with most of your fam. I LOVE YOUR FAMILY!!!