Friday, June 22, 2007


Today we were outside playing and I noticed a turtle against our back fence. When I pointed it out to the kids they were so excited. It isn't too often that we see an animal in nature. Logan started naming all the things he knew about turtles and I told him the things that I knew. They seemed really interested. Logan asked if we could keep him and I had to tell him no. Mainly because he would either die or Corey would have a fit (Not an animal lover). So we just tried to feed him some lettuce which he didn't want, and then took pictures with him. Lexie thought he was great, from a distance. Notice in her picture that she didn't want to get to close. They just thought it was so cool.

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Tiffany Esquibel said...

Okay so that is just too funny. Because i just posted a turtle on our blog, and then I look at yours and see a turtle. How crazy is that? At least your was a picture that you took. Mine was a picture from my computer. Chase thought that the turtle was cool!!!